Current Show February 2022

 February Art Show 2022

  This has been an exciting year so far!  In January I finished up a show with the 40 West Gallery called Small Works.  It was a success and opened up some new ideas on sizing my art work.  I tend to lean towards larger pieces and this show gave me the chance to experiment with sizing smaller than 12x12.  

  In January I was interviewed with Shoutout Colorado about my art work and creative process.  That was a wonderful opportunity to speak about my history, progress and future endeavors.  It was a great blessing and was great insight for myself along with my viewers.  If you have a chance to check out the interview follow this link.

  This month I am showing at the 40 West Arts Gallery for the Light and Shadow show.  I have been loving all the snow this year and have embraced it in my photography.  I have been experimenting with light and shadow on snow, walls and  using a light box to create a shadowing effect with flowers. I have been having a lot of fun with it and I am excited to see where it will go.  The show will be up through February and First Friday is February 4th at 6pm.  Make sure to check it out!

Flowing Flowers, Winter Series, 2022

Light and Shadow

40 West Gallery

1560 Teller St

Lakewood, CO 80214

First Friday: February 4th 6-9pm

Event Link

Winter Series Artist Statement

Winter Series are photographs that examine small details and unique delicacies of dead flowers.  Using backlighting techniques, light boxes and natural shadows I create images that look paper like, whimsical and elegant.  I highlight the unique beauty, and intricate fine lines and shadows.  I intend to create a new appreciate of these flowers that we enjoy so much when they were vibrant and alive.


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