Crown Hill Park, Looking Towards Boulder

It was such a wonderful sensation.  I could feel the oxygen pumping through me.  My breath deepens and I feel like I am almost going to pass out.  I know that this is temporary.  After about 10 minutes, my breath will regulate and it will be like taking a brisk walk.  I can feel the tickling of the sweat run down my chest and my shirt begin to dampen.  I feel a wave of uncertainly as I pass a few people.  I am too tall for these shorts, I look silly, I don't look like a runner, I am standing out.  Eventually, the sensation goes away.  I look around and see everyone is not perfect, they are all uncomfortable.  I can smell the mixture of the lake and fresh scent of summer.   I can hear the birds chirping, and the grass rustling in the wind.  I began to relax,  my breath is regulating, the run is becoming easier.  I begin to smile.  I can see everything from here.  I can see Green Mountain, Boulder, Mount Evans.  It is quite the view.  I am surround by an urban beauty, that looks out to our magnificent mountains.  It is so relaxing, this is why I love Colorado.  I stop take a few pictures and continue of my way.  I am starting to have fun.  Something that I have not had in while.  Especially in running.  I stopped having fun running. I started to become competitive and I started to become depressed again.  Running has helped me curve my depression and sort things out.  It is meditative, relaxing and fun. I feel strong, I feel empowered, I feel I could do anything when I run.  It is perfect.  I love it and I hate it.  Today was the first time I had fun in a long time.  I stop and take another picture.  I need to remember why I started to run.  I need to stop caring and forget the competitive side.  Because I need this to help fix me. 


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