"Smile, Have Fun, and Most of All Be You, Because No One Else Can Be You." -Paula (My Yoga Instructor)

  Doing Yoga is an amazing thing.  It sets your mind straight, allowing you to focus on your well-being and being present.  Sometimes, it is difficult too because you are not able to let go of the days troubles or the stresses that lie ahead.  Sometimes I go to Yoga and leave better than I came in and others I leave depressed and defeated.  

  Today in Yoga, I had an amazing teacher. She kept reminding us in her strong vibrant voice to "smile, have fun and most of all be you, because no one else can be you." This is the type of positivism I need in my life.  It is troubling to realize that I have to go to a Yoga class to get reminded to smile, have fun and just be my self.

   After leaving class, I pondered if this could be my mantra.  Not in a traditional sense of mantra but a thought that I can think about during difficult times or times when I need that reminder,  to smile, have fun and to be me, no one else can be me.

Capturing a Smaller World, #500


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