Morning meditation

  Early morning walks can be the most meditative and insightful time of day for me.  It is a new beginning to a new day, it can go in  many directions, but that walk can influence my mood for the whole day.  

  I love listening to the birds in the morning, smelling the sweet morning air, and feeling the soft cool breeze gently brush  up against my skin.  The sun slowly warming me up in a way that it is setting up my mindset to be a warmer, more positive perspective. It is all very meditative.  I can refocus my thoughts, organize them and prepare for what challenges are ahead of me. It is a little act, but it becomes so productive in molding my day.  This walk will put a relaxing, strong smile on my face.  Nothing can stand in my way today.

  These walks are not taken often enough.  Due to my schedule, it makes it difficult to enjoy these little peaceful pieces in my life.  Nonetheless, if I am able to go out and enjoy the beautiful the morning, I would not pass it up.


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