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Location Shoot: Butterfly Pavilion

Living in Colorado provides a lot of photographic opportunities.  All season are beautiful but my photography thrives in the spring, summer and fall months. I find winter difficult because of the cold weather and lack of bright colors. Adding two small kids into the mix can make photography shoots challenging.  In the winter I try to find something that is near by, that will entertain my children and result with some beautiful photographs. I have a few go to places and one is the butterfly pavilion.

     The Butterfly Pavilion is a perfect place to go for a family enrichment activity and get some amazing photographs along the way.  My little guys can explore and play while I capture some great photographs.  There are a lot of bugs, butterflies and sea creatures to capture up close.  I usually stick to the butterflies, because I can't handle being too close to the creepy crawlies!  Photographing butterfly's, like any other insect is a lot of fun. There are a lot of colors…

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