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Create Beautiful Bokeh in Macro

Bokeh is one of my favorite qualities in a photograph, especially macro photography.  It can highlight, create depth and enhance aesthetics.  It is as important as the focal point of the photograph because it can make your image go from good to beautiful.  Creating bokeh is simple and you do not need fancy equipment.  Here are some easy tips on creating beautiful bokeh in macro photography.

Choosing the Tools and Settings
    Bokeh is the blurred areas of the photograph and it is achieved by manipulating the depth of field.  It is traditionally created with a large aperture lens, but you can get a similar effects with a phone or slower lens.  If you choose to use your phone, make sure you know how to use the cameras selective focus setting and/or manual settings.

     The faster the lens, f/2.8 or larger, will result in higher quality and more appealing look. A slower lens might create a less attractive, jagged bokeh.  If you are using a slower lens you can get smooth bokeh by in…

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